Paper scoop - with the artist Marlis Leue

¡Hola amigos!
Enjoy the pleasurable atmosphere of my house, Casa "Al Sil Ram", with the special light and the Andalusian sun.
In the temporary between May and October  I´ ll devide for same days my studio for working with you: arts and crafts experimentation with the paper material, departing from  recycling, from cotton and others materials.
According your individual requirements I´ ll offer theory and practice of papermaking:
  • historical development of papermaking
  • papers in the different cultures
  • introduction of handpapermaking
  • manufacturing different recycling papers
  • manufacturing of paper as support
  • creating paperobjects
  • producing personal works

After a common bioenergetic breakfast, wonderfully relaxed, we´ll work in the morning in the studio flooded with natural light and the open-air terrace.
I´ll provide my extensive knowledge to assist you to attain your particular and individual handicraft and artistic objectives with personalized tuition from beginning to advanced levels.
Special highlights: two evenings, studio-visits of Granadian artists (art-tendency to choose)
After my pedagogical employment and eight years direction of an art-gallery in Germany, I am living since 1983 in Spain like freelance artist. You can have a look at my homepage
With the paper material I am engaged more than 15 years, especially with artists-books and collages.

Attainments pro person:
  • workshop: monday to friday from 10 -14 hours
  • two studio-visits
  • guidance of the gallery and museo-house
  • showing of the ecological enterprise for
    handmade paper and products, Papelisimo
  • seven nights at the apartment of the typical Andalusian village house "Al Sil Ram" including bioenergetic breakfast
    850,- €
  • elegible biological lunch for 10 to 15 euros
 Papierherstellung 1
 Papierherstellung 3
Groups from 2 to 9 persons recive reduction until 40%
ask for details. I´ll be glad to have notice of you!